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OSVI Healthcare

The hectic professional life, the nuclear family structure makes it difficult to care for the elderly and patients in the family. In addition, long distances, long lineups and episodes of medical emergencies at the hospital/ Clinics create moments of pressure and anxiety especially when time is of the essence.

OSVI Healthcare promises the best of home care services for your beloved considering the quality, convenience, and comfort at an affordable cost. OSVI is proud to serve over 1,500 satisfied patients, 300+ ICU setup done in homes and 300+ qualified doctors in the network throughout Delhi/NCR while maintaining the highest standards of patient care.  OSVI brings wide range of services from Nursing care, Doctor Visit/ consultation, care/ treatments at home, lab tests including the provisions of providing medical equipment. The dedicated team of doctors and care givers are here to ensure that our families get hospital like care at comfort of their home with no compromise howsoever.

We have a specialized home care service for seniors. Personal hygiene, mobilization, bathing and feeding or involving the patient in certain mental care activities are some of the services provided. Special home health care is also required for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients. Isolation is very detrimental to the health and recovery of seniors. Our qualified personnel provide company for a better cure and management of the disease. Sometimes you need help giving injections or intravenous fluids to patients in your home. Our home care package takes care of this minute health care as well. Our nursing services include a nursing assistant and a critical care nurse. All staff work under the guidance of dedicated doctors. We offer personal and professional support 24 hours a day. These services are available according to the call time requirement.

Our supportive care services include post-chemotherapy and radiation care, vital signs monitoring, medication management, post-stroke management, and neurology supportive care. We are also capable of providing hospital like set up at home that includes beds, ventilator, Bipap and other medical equipment etc.

This enables us to perform procedure like central line , dialysis, endoscopy etc at home which is convenient to patient as well as family.

Osvi also offer lab diagnostic services such as vaccination and sample collection within 12 hours of booking. We have tied up with Max Lab, Adarsh Hospital and Dr. Garg Diagnostics and report are supplied as early as same day. Our home diagnostic services also include X-rays, Holter, ECGs and ABG/VBG.

Why we are the best home care service provider?

OSVI Health Care provides the premier team of doctors and paramedics. There are 300 plus Doctors, paramedical staff and labs in our network in Delhi/NCR We provide a comprehensive home care solution that includes critical care, intensive care, chronic care, maternity and baby care, palliative care and physiotherapy.

Our team of trained professionals do care like extended family where patient comfort and finest care is targeted at utmost priority at the convenience of the process which is hassle free and affordable, Therefore, in the event that you need a home care services at any time call us – 919090191954.

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