Home Care

We provide hospital facilities and care to patients in their own comfort zone and healthy environment. Nurses and attendants treat patients with expertise, empathy and attentiveness.

a. Intensive Care: Apart from various general services, we provide intensive care for critical patients in exactly the same hospital like conditions and facilities. The specialists provide 24-hour services with the utmost responsibility to patients.

b. Stroke patient care: We have trained and skilled specialists to provide special and emergency care to the stroke patients to help with their disabilities, avoid future strokes and rehabilitation to cure the after-stroke effects.

c. Cardiac patient care: We provide care for critically ill patients experiencing diseases of the heart for which medical care and intervention is needed. Our home care staff monitors client’s vital signs, assists with coughing/deep breathing techniques, and encourages routine activity. Our home care staff also take clients to/from follow up doctor visits.

d. Cancer care: If you or a loved one is affected by cancer and are in need of day-to-day assistance, we can make things easier by supporting you at home – whether in the form of nursing support, home help, personal care or companionship. Our specialists, provide possible sessions of chemotherapy, hormonotherapy, immunotherapy and much more at the convenience of the patients.

e. Physiotherapy: There are various conditions that require physiotherapy as treatment. Our physiotherapistprovide therapy addressing musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiovascular and integumentary conditions. Many patients have difficulty in mobility to get to frequent treatment sessions at care centres. This is where home health services are required. Osvi Healthcare provide experienced and certified physical therapists, who visit your home, provide the required treatment.

f. Palliative care: We aid the quality of life of patients who are struggling with serious issues or illness like cancer and heart failure.Palliative care is provided by a specially-trained team of doctors, nurses and other specialists who work together with a patient’s other doctors to provide an extra layer of support.

g. COVID 19 isolation: Covid treatment including doctor consultation, monitoring status, providing medicine or oxygen concentrator, Osvi has handled huge number of patients successfully in last 2 years . We have followed covid protocols of isolation ensuring patient has low risk of contacting outside people. Through home tests , patient and family members were able to complete treatment without going to hospitals .

h. Maternal and Child Care: To support women and their families, we are expanding critical care services to mothers and their babies. The trained nurses are available at your home as needed.

Key Features

  • Nurses and specialists are available for specific care
  • The facility is delivered on a patient-by-patient by dedicated medical staff
  • Care under the supervision of qualified doctors

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