Diagnostic Services

a. X-ray: We help patients diagnosed in the most comfortable environments,without the need travel to hospital or long waiting periods for reports.

b. ECG test (Electrocardiogram): Portable ECG devices are small in size and transmit data in real time. Portable ECG are simple and safe to administer, make it accessible for patients needing homecare. Home ECG monitors provide an opportunity to identify such pathologies as ischemia, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, and detect heart failure. Our doctors are fully capable of diagnosing any anomalies and provide treatment in accordance.

c. ABG (Arterial Blood Gas) Test: Low blood oxygen levels (hypoxemia) can lead to many serious conditions and damage to individual organ systems, especially your brain and heart. Arterial blood gas tests can help healthcare providers interpret conditions that affect your respiratory system, circulatory system and metabolic processes.

We aim at providing our patients with viable, affordable and accurate ABG Test facility in order to measure the quantity of carbon dioxide and oxygen in their blood, with timely results in order to facilitate the speedy diagnosis and recovery.

d. Holter Services: We offer Holter Monitoring Services to assess and track the heart rates and rhythm of patients for 24 hours with the help of our experts.

Key Features

  • These services may be available 24 x 7 at any time on a call
  • These interventions are carried out by trained experts and nurses under the supervision of qualified doctors
  • The reports can be accessed via phone or can be discussed with our technicians or doctors

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