At Home Procedures

We provide in home procedures for critical and needy patients during tough times. These procedures are done by a team of experts.

a. Centreline: We have trained nurses and doctors to carry out a centreline procedure to provide treatment to patients at home. Our trained staff is capable to handle and resolve any problem related to central line .

b. Dialysis: The regular trips to dialysis centres can be inconvenient at times , putting added strain for the patients who are on regular dialysis. Home dialysis or at-home haemodialysis can help in managing stress and hassle while providing potential clinical and lifestyle benefits to patients. We installdialysis unit at home, which adapt to the daily treatment of patients and assist in a better treatment procedure without failure.The patients may see improved outcomes, save time as well as money, and gain a deeper understanding of their overall health.

c. Endoscopy: An endoscopy test is a non-surgical procedure that doctors perform to look inside the digestive tract.Generally, endoscopy is a day-care procedure. Osvi Healthcare provide the endoscopy procedure at home with an expert doctor.

d. HDline: To help the kidney patients, we provide the facility of the HD catheter by our professional staff.

e. Tracheostomy tube change: To facilitate the patient's state of emergency, the tube change procedure is provided to patients by doctors and nurses.

f. Immunotherapy: To combat cancer using our own immune system, process immunotherapy is available to our patients by our experts and specialists. Patients are treated with the greatest care and the appointment can be made by phone.

Key Features

  • All medical procedures are done by trained staff under the supervision of qualified team of doctors
  • Cost effective medical services at the comfort of home

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